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Have you ever lost your Cell Phone?

find-lost-phoneHave you ever lost your cell phone?  I have! Last year after thanksgiving, I was out shopping and came to the realization that I lost my cell phone.  So panic ensued. I looked everywhere, went back to all the stores.  The only thing I could think of was that I was dumb enough to leave it in the car with the windows down….nah.  I just lost it, and don’t know where.

So I waited a week, since I left business cards in the case, perhaps someone found it and would return it.  I tried using the locate my cell phone feature of Google and on some of the security apps. I tried calling it.  Nothing worked.  So I put in a lost claim, and just got another one.

Needless to day, modern cell phone are useful tool that allow us to connect to a variety of things and people, and when we loose them we tend to loose photos (unless you are using apps that send them to the cloud), or contacts.   Heaven forbid  you don’t have it unlocked and all of your e-mail and accounts are open to anyone who finds it. So what should you do.


  1. Make sure your cell phone is secure with a pin or pattern.
  2. Make sure you have an app that allows you to track it.
  3. If you loose it, report it as soon as possible.
  4. Change all the account password that you access thru your phone..just in case.
  5. If your phone is in a case,  think about putting your first initial and alternate phone number on a card that says something like  if found contact : (INFO).  Most people are honest.


If you happen to find a cell phone…look for information about the owner.

  • If you find them
  • If you don’t, look for the nearest office building an leave it at the reception desk.


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