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Can carrying Pepper Spray truly make you safer?

If you troll thru this blog you can see a plethora of articles on the usefulness of pepper spray and other self-defense products and techniques.  Will having any of these self-defense products really make you safer?

The short answer is: It depends!

  • It depends on your mindset at the time of the incident
  • It depends on your ability to effectively use Pepper Spray or whatever you have correctly.
  • It depends on …well keep reading.

First, let me state that Pepper Spray is an effective self-defense product that has been used for decades to not only depend on citizens and law enforcement personnel ifbxp35697 used correctly in the right situations.  And the art of this type of defense dates back centuries.

However, there are people who carried or owned pepper spray who have still been crime victims because they were not prepared.  There are a number of reasons why having it didn’t work..for them.

  • They panicked and did not focus on self-defense.
  • They didn’t know how to properly use it
  • They could not get to it, in the bottom of their purse or another inaccessible place.
  • It was a surprise attack and they were caught off guard because they were not paying attention.
  • Your attacker was in the minority of the population that is immune to the effects of Pepper Spray for various reasons.
  • Your pepper spray had expired.
  • The assailant is wearing glasses or was prepared
  • The Pepper Spray was defective and you did not know it.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it probably represents a majority of reasons why just having pepper spray will not help you.  The good news is that many of these issues can be negated with the embracing motto…which is Get Ready..Stay Ready.   You can also embrace the motto of the Boy Scouts of America: Be Prepared.

Any self-defense product, including pepper spray, Tasers, or a gun, requires that you be prepared mentally and physically and have it available to use. Pepper Spray, like most weapons, can be taken away from you and then be used against you, if you are not prepared and able to use it at the correct moment. In the case of just owning pepper, spray think of sexual assaults.  It is estimated that 80% to 85% of all sexual assault victims know their attackers and fifty percent of assaults occur inside the victim’s own home. Rapists are not always the stranger in the alley or the weirdo in the parking lot. If a fraction of these victims owned a self-dense product, how prepared are they to use it?   Chances are they were not.

Think about being on a date. Think about going to a party. Ponder the different people you know who may come to your house often.  A deliveryman, a Utility worker, a client.  What is your mindset?  How prepared are you, if you are put in a position of being harmed. What if you have pepper spray or another self-defense product but can’t get to it and use it?

This is why a self-defense mindset and preparation is essential.  When a soldier has run out of bullets and the enemy is coming, there are only two options.  Fight or Flight.  If you can’t get away, how prepared are you to fight? If you can’t use your pepper spray, you have the same two options. How prepared you to fight.

Just something to think about.

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