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Tis the Season .. to be Careful

Too many of my readers, the Christmas and winter holiday season will mean family, vacation travel, or lots of time away from your residence. This is just the opportunity a burglar is looking for. However, there are some security tips that you can do to lower your chances of having your residence targeted by those on the naughty list.

  • Secure your Windows – If you run exterior Christmas light extension cords through your window, the windows may not close securely enough. This may provide a burglar a means if entry. We suggest using exterior outlets and outdoor extension cords for your Christmas lights. There are some that have timers on them so that they come on and turn off at certain times. If you are going to be away from your residence for an extended period, please check to be sure all your doors and windows are locked. Speaking of windows- Don’t provide a view of your presents to anyone who can just look in your window.

  • Secure your Garage door – Your garage door is very vulnerable to burglars. If you only have the standard security mechanism that comes with most garage doors, you can use a padlock on the interior when the door rod slides into the hole. That means it is very important to lock your entry door into your home from the garage. In addition, have motion-sensitive security lights installed around the exterior of your garage.

  • Secure your phone– Do not have a message on your voicemail telling people you are not home. Please don’t have your name on your mailbox giving your name, and allowing a clever thief to look up your number and call you to see if you are home. There are several options you can do, 1) turn off the ringer to your home phone as a constantly ringing telephone can signal burglars that you are not at home. If you have the option to forward your calls to your location, you may do that.

  • Don’t Advertise in the Trash – How many times after Christmas morning have you driven by homes and know what they got because they put the boxes to their new ‘Watz-it’ in the trash. Breakdown/tear up the boxes and recycle them. In addition, n you can keep them stored in a safe place until the garbage collectors are due to call.

  • Update your home Inventory – if you get a new TV, computer or something valuable – record it in your home inventory.
  • Use your home alarms – If you have an alarm system installed, TURN IT ON whenever you leave, or go to sleep

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