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Ransomware Attack!

If you have not watched the news, or just haven’t paid attention, there is a worldwide ransom-ware attack that began last week and may continue this week. The New York Times has an active map showing where all the attacks have been happening. You can google it or see this link  (

If you want to keep up to date on the latest on this event, just watch the news or do an internet search on the topic.

If you want to know more about Ransom-ware we have written about this before. You can open these previous posts.

Victims of ransomware usually receive an e-mail or some other type of electronic message that asks them to download or run software. Some of these e-mails may appear as if they were coming from someone you know, or can even come from a software hack (like a cracked version of some game or popular software).  When you run the software and it appears that NOTHING is happening, .. something is.WannaCrypt

The software will encrypt your hard drive, or encrypt part of your hard drive so that your computer is still operable and you can continue to use it, but you cannot access all your personal files. This includes all personal documents, images, music files.

If you are the victim of a ransomware attack you’ll open your computer and instead of your normal files you’ll see a pop-up appear that says, ‘Surprise, we’ve taken control of your computer and if you want access to your files you need to pay us.'”

 Here are some things you can do to prevent being a victim.

  1. Please update your computer security software as soon as releases are available. It’s best to set it to auto update.
  2.  Please run all software and OS patches. Again please set it to auto update.
  3. If you value your files back up your computer on an external drive on regular intervals. You may want invest in a cloud backup service. You can search for and review them.
  4.  Finally, just be very vigilant you need to constantly look out for emails that seem suspicious, and you need to err on the side of not downloading random files. Delete them. We often receive random invoices, and reports that seemingly credible companies send us. Like Bank of America, or UPS. Sometime I get invitations to download a file from a cousin.  If you know the e-mail is fake, delete it.  You can always verify before opening any attachment that your cousin actually did send the files

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