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Cashier’s Check Scam on Craigslist

First I’m going to say I have nothing against Craig’s List as a service. When I moved, I sold most of my extra furniture on there, and I’ve purchased items from craigslist.  Most of the people on there are honest. I said most. However I recently tried to sell a projector TV on craigslist. I was asking only $300 OBO.  Within a few hours of posting the add I got a text message from a number in Florida (I wish I had saved the number) from someone who wanted to purchase it.  (CLUE:?).

The person told me that he would send me a check and then arrange for someone to pick it up. (CLUE). Knowing a wee bit about they types of the scams that are out there here is a big clue.  PAYING MORE THAN YOU ASK and asking for the difference back.   I informed him that If I received more than what was asked that I would return the check.  He seemed to understand.  He even said that I could wait until the checked cleared before proceeding. That sounded good..but I still felt uneasy.  He wanted my I gave my work address, and waited to see what happened next.

Next I did what I recommend you all to do.  I Googled the number that was texting me.  It came up a lot in a google search associated with lots of red flags. (CLUE 2)

Starting the few days I started getting these messages


Now please note just how much this guy texted on a Saturday. Ask why would someone send money to send a check Priority mail for an old TV.  As a general rule I go cell phone free on weekends.  But anyway on Monday January 16 (which is a FEDERAL HOLIDAY), he kept texting.
I politely told him two things.  Banks were closed on Federal Holidays, I don’t work on

Federal Holidays.thumbnail_screenshot_20170117-144114

The guy kept wanting me to ‘Deposit the funds’.


So On Tuesday I received the office mail.

Now quick what was the name of the buyer?

A: Frank Perry.

Here is the envelope.


Now the wonderful think about tracking numbers, you can tell where they were mailed.

According to the tracker this came from LeHigh Acres FL which is about 185 miles away from the address on the package.   (CLUE)

Then I looked at the check.  Do you remember How much I asked for?


So even though I took the cashier’s check to the bank to see if they could tell if it was a fake check.  The teller couldn’t.

I then informed the client that I would be returning the check and needed to validate their mailing address.  Remember, I did tell them this was a big No No  They have not responded, despite all of the early texting urging me to deposit the funds.

Now There are several Federal laws that were broken here..but it his highly doubtful that anyone will be caught…

SO We tell these stories to help prevent people from being scammed…


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