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Spotting a FAKE e-mail from PayPal.

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Phishing takes on many forms.  One method used by cybercriminals is to send an official-looking e-mail from a financial institution you may use.  Some of these are Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, PayPal, and others.
The goal is to get you to panic and click on their link and enter your login credentials so that they can capture them so that they can then log into your account and cause mischief.

They way they get you to panic is by either saying that something is wrong with your account and it will be closed or deleted unless you verify or that some random amount has been withdrawn from your account.

First, I will say that if your financial institution has a way to send you a notification for large transactions, please turn this on.

Secondly, If your financial institution has Multi-Factor Authentication, please turn it on so that it’s harder for a hacker to access your account.

With all the rash of data breaches, you need to take advantage of every security countermeasure available.

Now the other day I received this e-mail in my inbox.


For all-purpose, this LOOKS like a real e-mail from Paypal.  EXCEPT for the links.

One of the easiest ways to discover that this is a Phishing e-mail is to hover your mouse over the links.

The links are not to PayPal .com but they are linked to

You should always validate links before you click on them.


  • Verify the e-mail
  • Log into your account by typing the URL in a browser to verify your account has NOT been hacked, or that no money was removed.
  • If you want to you can report the e-mail
  • Delete it and make it as spam.

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