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Computer Tech Support Scams

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In a matter of 5 minutes, I received two computer scam calls.

One was the Microsoft  Tech Support Refund Scam – which I’ve alerted you about.

The other one was someone calling me giving me a number to call (844) 575-1433.

When I called, because I was curious, I was told that my virus subscription protection on my Microsoft computer was ending.   My defense against these scammers is to sound like tell them I don’t own a Microsoft computer.  The muttered something and hung up.

Now, can get Virus protection software for FREE with my internet subscription, but I’ve purchases virus protection, for my network, and it alerts me on how many days I have left.

Just be careful out there.
just know

NO computer company will call you…ever.

NO computer software company will call you ..ever.

Just be wise…



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