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20 Safety Tips to Help You …Be Safe


According to RAINN, a sexual assault occurs every 98 seconds. You’ve probably seen stories in the media of sexual predator who follow women home from the gym, or other places. But there are several things you can do to reduce your chances of becoming their next prey.

Whether you’re our jogging, shopping or out and about running errands, there are safety tips you can follow to help lower your chances of becoming a crime victim.


1. motto is Get Ready! Stay Ready. – Preparation and Prevention are the keys. Think about having a fire extinguisher and knowing how to use it in your home.
2. Stay Alert – avoid being distracted by your smartphone. Use a blue-tooth if you need to talk
3. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t ‘feel’ right..leave the area.
4. Always have your keys ready. There are videos on youtube on how to use your keys for self-defense. Watch and learn.
5. If you carry a personal defense device, like pepper spray or a stun gun, whistle – knows how to use it and have it ready. The bottom of your purse is the wrong place to have it.
6. Be aware! Look around and make eye contact with people you encounter.
7. Walk with an attitude. Have that I dare you to mess with me look.
8. If security is available, ask for an escort to your vehicle — especially at night. If you know you are going out at night, have a friend with you!
9. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry pricy handbags when you’re shopping, running errands or anytime you’re alone. Robbers often work in pairs. One scopes out potential victims inside, then text or calls their partner with a  description to their partner waiting outside.
10. If you have children with you, keep a close eye on them and teach them about stranger danger. On the news last week was a woman trying to steal a child.
11. If you must take a purse, consider a small, crossbody bag.
12. Hide your cash, credit cards and cell phone in your front pockets, so if a thief does grab your purse, he or she won’t get away with much.
13. Try to avoid being overloaded with shopping bags.
14. When you leave, lock your doors and keep your windows up, and don’t have valuables in plain sight!
15. Keep an eye out for vehicles that might be following you. If they’re still behind you when you’re close to home, drive to the nearest fire station or police station and honk your horn.
16. In carjacking or robbery, give them your car, purse or anything else they want. Nothing is worth risking your life.
17. If someone tries to sexually assault you or force you into their vehicle, scream and fight like your life depends on it..cause it does. Do whatever you have to do to get away…do it!
18. Take a self-defense course. Search for them online. Many colleges and universities offer a FREE RAD (Rape aggression defense) class, and some will teach them to the ladies of any organization (church, yoga, etc).
19. There are several safety apps available, including Guard Lallana, Safe Walk, B Safe, and others they are beneficial to you. Research and use the one that’s best for you.
20. Knowing all of this stuff is good, doing it daily will be better.


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