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This is Microsoft Tech Support calling….


I know I’ve written by the Microsoft Technical Support Scam before, but I’m getting these calls almost every week. I’ve seen messages on Next Door from other citizens.  So here is the gist of the call. (and you can probably find some of these calls on YouTube)

The phone rings you received an automated message from what is being claimed as being from Microsoft support claiming that they have noticed an issue with your computer and they want you to talk to a support specialist to help you resolve the issue.

The scammers will tell you that your computer is running slowly because of viruses or other issues. They will instruct you to look at things that are PERFECTLY NORMAL like red x’s in the event log. and tell you that your computer has major issues and that your support has expired and you need an additional piece of software – at a cost, of course.

I always tell them I’m running an Encom 511 running the lasted Orax Operating System. After a pause, this usually ends the call.  But I know next week they will call again.

I’ll stop here.  Think about this!  When you purchase a car, say a Toyota, does Toyota call you and tell you that they have noticed a defect in your car?  NO.   Now If there is a massive defect in your model car, they will notify by mail and tell you to take it to a dealership to fix, but as of this writing dealerships and manufacturers, don’t monitor your car.  

If you are running a Microsoft product and register that product with Microsoft if there are fixes to be made the software can update itself.  Microsoft pushing out operation system or software patches, and updates on a regular schedule. You also have the option to go into the Windows Control Panels and check for and install updates.  If you are on their mailing list they send an e-mail of what the patches and updates are.  You have to initiate this, Microsoft doesn’t.

Just like when you have car issues, your car has all these indicators that tell you there is an issue.  If you have computer issues, your computer will tell you.  In both cases, you will take them to a shop to get the issue resolved unless you know how to do it yourself.

If your car manufacturer called you and told you they have been monitoring your car and you have a problem, wouldn’t you be suspicious? Right?

Scammers have two weapons, fear, and ignorance.  They use one or both to get stuff some you.  However, if you are armed with the knowledge you can defend yourself.  This is how must crime is dealt with.

The latest Microsoft Operating System has firewall software and other protection measures.  You should also should buy a good security suite from a reputable company like ZoneAlarm or MacAfee.




Reporting tech support scams

Help Microsoft stop scammers, whether they claim to be from Microsoft or from another tech company, by reporting tech support scams here:

To report an unsafe website directly to Microsoft, fill out a Report an unsafe site form. You can also report unsafe websites in Microsoft Edge by selecting Settings and More  > Help and Feedback > Send feedback when you encounter something suspicious.

For urgent situations, use one of the following options:

Microsoft Support
Global Customer Service


How to protect against tech support scams – Quiz

  1. Will ever Microsoft call you or e-mail you about issues with your computer Operating system or computer?
  2. Will Microsoft request your personal or financial information?
  3. Should you ever call the number in an e-mail that claims to be from Microsoft?
  4. Should You purchase software from a stranger over the phone that called you, and install it on your computer?

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