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January is Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month

In the United States, crime happens all the time! Crime can happen to anyone, at any place, and at any time. If you have read this blog for any amount of time you have seen some of the crime statistics. Women are especially targeted by criminals. What will you do when you suddenly come face-to-face with a criminal? It is not a matter of ‘if’ it will happen to you, but ‘when’ it will happen to you! Would you know what to do if someone attacked you? Would you be able to protect yourself? Would you be paralyzed with fear? Would you know the signs to reduce your chances of having such an encounter?

Are you prepared with the best personal self-defense equipment, knowledge about safety, and self-defense skills to reduce your risk and protect yourself, your family or your property, when the need arises? Instead of being paralyzed with fear, you can be armed with the correct self-defense tools to reduce your chances of having a potentially life-altering event. You never know what you can do unless it happens to you. The one thing you can do is be ready just in case.

Criminals don’t wear “I’m a criminal” signs and are dressed in black and wearing a mask? If they did, and you knew what gave them away, and this would this reduce the chance of you becoming their next victim? Unfortunately, rapists, muggers and predatory degenerates don’t look any different than a “normal” person. However, the good news is that with some training you can more easily spot them by their behavior. If you know what to look for, you can recognize a problem as it unfolds and remains one step ahead of a human predator. That is the goal of awareness.

January is National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month. This is a great chance to learn what to do in case someone does try to attack you. You want to make sure you do not end up as a statistic. The Purpose of this month is to educate women and teens about realistic self-defense options that could very well save their lives. It is sponsored by the National Self-Defense Institute, a not-for-profit corporation

Self-defense is not always about FIGHTING back. To quote Mr. Miyagi “The best way to avoid the punch, no be there.Your best way to avoid a physical and dangerous altercation with an attacker is to apply quick thinking and de-escalating methods to the situation in order to safely get away. Attackers feed off of vulnerability and crippling fear, so it is imperative that you stay attentive to avoid a compromising situation. For example, walk in a group to your car after work, avoid shortcuts that take you through a dark and isolated area, and pay particular attention to places where someone could hide such as stairways and bushes etc. to ensure your safety. The goal of National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month is not only by getting the knowledge to keep you safe by also about applying that knowledge to protect yourself from criminals on your quest to for great self-defense.

Awareness is the ability to “read” people and situations and anticipate the probability of violence before it happens. It is being aware of what to look for and taking the time to notice safety-related aspects of what is going on around you. Awareness is not about being fearful or paranoid. It is a relaxed state of alertness that you can incorporate into your character. It is neither desirable nor necessary, to go about life hectically scanning your surroundings for the goblins around every corner. Your level of awareness should be appropriate to the circumstances you are in.

Some circumstances call for a greater degree of awareness than others. Obviously, you would want to be more aware when walking alone to your car at night than when shopping in a crowded mall with friends.

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