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Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Your Christmas

In my last article, I said gave tips for the Christmas shoppers. In this article, I’m going to cover keeping your gifts and personal property safe.  Lot of us window shop during the holidays, including criminals. The difference is that while you’re looking thru store for things to buy, criminals may be looking in your windows for stuff to steal.  While we may have our minds set on Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men, we often become careless and susceptible to theft and other crime.

The following advice is from the Law Enforcement agencies which can help you be more careful, prepared and aware during the holiday season. The same advice that I gave in the home invasion series still applies. If you are doing that stuff, you are in good shape.

  • ALWAYS Lock your doors and windows, even if you are leaving home for a quick trip to the neighbors, or need to run to the corner store for a few minutes. A thief only needs opportunity.
  • If you are going to be away from home for hours, days or weeks, have a neighbor or family member watch your house or check it out from time to time. Remember to put your mail and newspapers on hold.
  • If you are going away on vacation please ask your local law enforcement to check your house as you will be out of town
  • Make sure to set your home alarm every time you leave the house.
  • Indoor and outdoor lights should be on an automatic random digital timer.
  • If you have a digital personal assistant (Alexa, Google home) see if they have a security skill you can set.
  • Leave a radio, or other music devices (on Talk Radio) or television on so the house looks and sounds occupied.
  • make sure that large displays of Christmas presents are not visible through the windows and doors of your home.  This provides thieves a motive to rob you.
  • Be cautious where you ‘Hide’ your presents, thieves know to look in storage rooms as well this time of year.
  • When setting up a Christmas tree or other decorations, make sure doors and passageways are clear inside your home.
  • Be sure your Christmas tree is mounted on a sturdy base so children, elderly persons or family pets cannot pull it over on themselves.
  • Have a working fire extinguisher, please remember to shake it the 1st of each month.
  • If you use lights on your Christmas tree ensure the wiring is not damaged or frayed. Frayed or damaged wiring can cause a fire.
  • Place your Christmas tree in water or wet sand to keep it green.
  • Never place wrapping paper in or near your fireplace.
  • Be careful when answering your door.  Criminals also like to take advantage of this season to prey on those who are unsuspecting and generous
    • Be aware of Greeks bearing gifts. Criminals sometimes pose as couriers delivering gifts as a means to get you to open your door.
      • Consider installing a doorbell camera that allows you to talk to the person without opening your door.
    • It is not uncommon for criminals to take advantage of the generosity of people during this time of year by soliciting donations door-to-door for charitable causes although no charity is involved.
    • If you are approached by a beggar (er fundraiser), ask for their identification, and find out how the donated funds will be used. If you are not satisfied, do not donate.  Most cities require a special license.
    • Your safest bet is to pick your own charities or just donate to a recognized charitable organization.HolidayCoupon Self-Defense Products is dedicated to providing you with the best and most affordable self-defense products, survival and safety products on the market to meet the security needs of you, your family members or your business, by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim of crime.  If you want to take personal responsibility for protection, home security, business security, purchase our high-quality discount self-defense products. Survival kits and arm yourself with the knowledge about self-defense and security products and information of the best way to stay secure in an ever-increasing violent world. In today’s society, being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option. – Victor Swindell

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