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10 Safety Tips for Female Joggers

By now many of you may have heard of the tragic news of the college student Woman JoggerMollie Tibbetts s who went for a jog and didn’t return.  While there are some who chose to make this political, the fact is that according to someone is sexually assaulted every 98 seconds in the US. Also, according to the Department of Justice Crime data, someone is murdered every six minutes. Not all of these make the national news, in fact, you can do an internet search on Sexual Assault while jogging to see a sample of all the reported cases that don’t make the national news. I’m aware of two incidents in the city where I live making the local news in the last few years, and I’m sure the number of incidents is higher, these are just the ones that made the news.

Women especially young women need to adhere to daily safety practices, habits, and countermeasures to reduce their chances of being a crime statistic.  The wrong frame of mind is that it won’t happen to them. Every one of the women who are sexual assault victims had the same mindset, and wonder why did it happen to them.

Prevention will always be your best self-defense, situational awareness.

  1. Trust your instincts.- If you have a funny feeling about going that way…don’t go that way.
  2. Jog with a friend, a large dog or in a group.
  3. Jog/Walk in well lit and populated areas – greenways and jogging paths are only good if there are lots of people. If you don’t see anyone..go someplace else.
  4. I like exploring unknown areas but for your safety avoid jogging/walking in unknown or isolated areas.
  5. Criminals love concealment of darkness, so avoid late night walks/jogs.
  6. If early morning or late night walks/jogs cannot be avoided travel in well lit, public areas.
  7. Communicate to family members or friends your path, and expected time of return. One of the cool things about the Fitbit app is that it can record your exact location. This is something Mollie
  8. If you can’t hear trouble, you may run right into it, therefore, avoid the distraction of headphones or being on your phone Listen, Be aware.
  9. You are probably being watched, therefore change up the time and path of your walks/jogs. If you are unpredictable then it’s hard for a criminal to plan to attack you.
  10. Pepper Spray and know how to use Pepper Spray. Hold it in your hand, ready to go. 10.

It is a very good idea to have the knowledge of physical self-defense. There are many FREE Classes for women, keep checking online, We often post them on our Twitter Feed or Defense Against Crime Facebook group.

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