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Get Ready for College (crime)!


College is a fun and exciting time and one of the best times you’ll ever have.  Really… I really loved college and after many decades thanks to social media I’m in touch will people I knew there.  A few years ago I met one of my freshmen professors.

While you’re busy learning new things to help you in your future career or finding new lifelong friends, there will be some you may know who will get a different education and experience unless they take steps to reduce having a negative experience.

Crimes that happen on college campuses include robbery, stalking, Sexual assault, rape, hate crimes, drugs, underage drinking, harassment and more.

If you went to college, or know someone who did… you can ask about these things. They DO happen!  They don’t have to happen to you!

Here Are a few things you can do!

  1. Become aware…simply paying attention can make a difference. Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of your gut feelings, be aware of people, be aware of where the exits are, just pay attention.
  2. Become knowledgeable -what things must you do to make yourself safer. What things other than a laptop should I know how to use.  Many colleges and universities go to great lengths to provide FREE Resources of students to protect their property and well being?
  3. Do it. Knowing all of the above is great ..doing it is better.  It’s like the difference in knowing you should study for your classes, and actually doing it.  Many who fail to do it..don’t make it!


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