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How to Spot Phishing E-mail!

I was looking in my Hotmail account today and saw this e-mail. It was obvious to me that


Beware the mail in your in-box

it was fake, but you may not be sure when you get these type of e-mails.  These types of e-mail only purpose is to get your information.

  1. The first tell-tale sign is I don’t have a USAA account.
  2. Look at the email it ends in ‘.de’ which mean it came from Germany.
  3. Companies use their own company name in their e-mail. for example, if the e-mail came from ‘bankofamerica’, then the e-mail would come from
  4. It is addressed to DEAR CUSTOMER, not to me specifically.  A company doing business with me knows my name.  When my insurance company email’s me. It has my name.
  5. It creates a sense of urgency. One of the best ways to get customer’s information is to create a sense of urgency, that if you don’t ‘act now’ something bad will happen.
  6. They always want you to click their link.  If you remember what hover your mouse over a link it will show you in the bottom left side of your computer window..where the link is going.  Once again it’s not going to’s going to Germany.


What you can do

  1.  DELETE IT – and mark it as spam.
  2. If you do have an account at the institution this is from.  Go to your web browser and type in the URL of the company and log in.  DO NOT USE THE LINK IN THE E-MAIL.  and make sure all is OK with your account. Self-Defense Products Store is dedicated to providing you with the best and most affordable self-defense products, survival and safety products on the market to meet the security needs of you, your family members or your business, by assisting anyone who is unwilling to become a victim of crime.  If you want to take personal responsibility for protection, home security, business security, purchase our high-quality discount self-defense products. Survival kits and arm yourself with the knowledge about self-defense and security products and information on the best way to stay secure in an ever-increasing violent world. In today’s society, being equipped mentally and physically is no longer an option.

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