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Don’t Stick Your Hand Way Out When Firing

Q: What is important not to do when using pepper spray in self-defense?

You’ve probably seen those images of people preparing to shoot their assailant with Pepper-Spray-for-Security-of-Womenpepper spray, and sticking their armed hand way out front. With their index finger on the trigger ready to let them have a dose of their defense.

This is the wrong technique for holding pepper spray! Never Ever thrust your shooting hand out in front of you towards the assailant. He or she may react quickly and hit your hand aside or grab your pepper spray.! Never use your index finger to fire, as the thumb is the weakest part of the hand.  Wrap your fingers around the cannister, and use your thumb to fire. This also makes it hard for your assailant try to take your pepper spray.  As you shoot, back up and continue backing up away from the assailant. This gives you a little more time and draws the assailant into the pepper spray.

Also use your unarmed hand as a block, to help prevent your pepper spray from being taken.

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