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Thank you Lawdy I’ve won the sweepstakes

Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend of mine saying he had won some bletter1ig bucks in sweepstakes.

Right away I go in to ‘It’s a scam mode’.  What he told me is that he had got a call that he won a big prize in the PCH sweepstake, but it wasn’t the grand prize. He had talked to the lawyer and all the taxes had been paid and that they should have the check on Friday!.
Sound too good to be true…right?

I asked if he had actually entered the sweepstakes. He said yes.  One of the biggest red flags is winning a sweepstake you didn’t enter.

So I asked…did he know the lawyer.  He said “No, it was the sweepstakes lawyer…blah blah blah blah”
I said, “Ok, but you know anyone can come on the phone and say they are a lawyer, I get calls from people who claim to be from the IRS, US Commerce Department, you name it”.

And the person went on and on.

So I told him, first I don’t think you pay income taxes on money you haven’t received yet

According to

“according to the US law, prize money won in any form should be reported along with your income to the tax authorities by the end of the year when you file your tax accounts without fail.”
So when people mention paying taxes up front… well, let’s just say.. I think it’s a scam.  I’ve gotten a call where the person told me I had won a million dollars, but I needed to pay the taxes via a money gram first.

I asked my friend if they had to pay anything to get this money- They said no.  He also assured me that he did not give the sweepstakes any personal info like Social Security Number, or bank account info.   I hope this is so, but this also serves as a flag, because this serves as a flag.  Hmm, now I’m wondering, how they paid the taxes without the social security number. You should only receive a 1099 Form with basic info.  I need to call him back and ask.


Now, I told him that when they receive the check, to deposit it and not touch it for a month. 1) You want the check to clear – it could be fake. 2) You don’t want the check to be reported as stolen.   I’ve actually received a FAKE cashier’s check. Even the bank could not tell me it was fake. However, after doing some research, I found out that it was a well-known  craigslist scam

I wish my friend well…but remember to be wise and cautious when ‘FREE MONEY’ is involved. Scammer prey on the weak, greedy and desperate.

Follow up:  When the big day came…no one from the PCH Prize Patrol showed up. He as disappointed.

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