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College Sexual Assault is more than just statistics.

According to RAINN.OrgEvery 98 seconds, another person experiences sexual assault.


Be careful when off Campus

Sexual violence affects hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. While we’re making progress — the number of assaults has fallen by more than half since 1993 — even today, only 6 out of every 1,000 rapists will end up in prison.   You have seen these numbers; you may have even heard that 1 in 5 College females will be victims of a sexual assault.

Those number in those statistics are more than just numbers – they represent actual people who have been violated. That number is someone’s daughter, someone’s girlfriend, or someone’s spouse.  That number is a crime victim.

A southern college campus recently posted information in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.  We have altered some of the details as they are not relevant to this post.  We desire that every college student is aware of such crimes.

  • Incident:  Sex Offense – Fondling
  • Date:  January 2018
  • Time:  9:05PM – 9:10PM
  • Reported to:    City Police Department and College Public Safety
  • Location:  Streets near a college campus
  • Suspects’ status:  At-Large (later captured)

Incident description: the Female victim was walking west on Banana Street near Orange Street and was approached by a male suspect. The male suspect grabbed the victim’s breast and then ran to a dark gray or black pickup truck which was parked on Orange Street just south of Banana Street. The suspect fled the area southbound on Orange Street towards Grape Street.

This suspect may have been involved in a simple assault of a female victim in the area of ORANGE Street and Apple Street at approximately 8:50PM.

Suspect Description: White Male; Early to Mid 20s; 5’06”- 5’08”; Heavy Set; Dark Curly Hair; Mustache/Beard; Long Sleeve Brown Flannel Shirt; and Dark Color Pants.

Import Message:  It is important to note that the victim/survivor is never the cause of the criminal offense.

Acquaintances, friends, or current/former romantic partners may assume that since they have had prior intimate encounters, they do not require consent for future sexual acts. Each sexual act requires verbal consent, otherwise, it is a crime. Tactics used by a respondent known to the complainant may include intruding into the complainant’s personal space physically, though seemingly accidental touches or casual hugs or touches. The respondent may play on the complainant’s emotional vulnerability or empathy by “sharing” personal information or stories so that he/she lowers their defenses. The complainant may feel uneasy and uncomfortable, but the respondent assures them that nothing is wrong and continues their assault, ignoring requests to stop.

On many college campuses, alcohol plays a large role in sexual assault. An attacker, often someone the person knows, may encourage or force a complainant to drink alcohol and become intoxicated or may take advantage of a complainant’s intoxication to forcibly assault him/her without consent. Respondents will seek out venues where intoxicated potential victims are likely to be, such as parties and bars. Some will put drugs, such as GHB, Ketamine, or Rohypnol, into a person’s drink to incapacitate them. GHB, also known as Liquid Ecstasy, relaxes a person’s inhibitions, causing drowsiness, and may result in a loss of consciousness. Ketamine, also known as Special K, makes a person feel as if they are separated from their body and detached from reality. Rohypnol, or Roofies, causes a person to become drowsy, dizzy, and lack motor control and coordination. Respondents may also use pressure to try drugs as part of a social event before luring them away from the group.

Approximately 66% of sexual assaults are committed by acquaintances. To reduce the risk of similar crimes from happening, we recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with what constitutes sexual assault and, as a community, be vigilant in stopping it. For example:

  • Always seek consent. Stop your sexual advances if the other person indicates no interest or if they say “no”. Engaging in any type of sexual activity without the explicit consent of your partner is sexual assault. If either party is under the influence of alcohol, consent cannot be given.
  • The absence of a “no” is not a “yes.”
  • Avoid engaging in, supporting, or encouraging sexual harassment.
  • Do NOT use threats or coercion to engage in sexual activity.
  • Call for help if you witness a violent crime.
  • Do not take advantage of someone who is passed out, incoherent or otherwise incapacitated

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