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Have fun with an IRS Scammer

In years gone by, I’ve gotten those phone calls from someone with a foreign accent telling b25belderly-smartphone-620x350me that I had a IRS legal matter and they were coming to get me, unless I sent them the money I owed.
I always ignore them, or just hung up. The calls seemingly came from all over the US.  It’s one of those scam calls meant to scare you and get you to send the scammer money immediately.

You can read more about the IRS Scam here:

The data breaches especially at Equifax has more of our information out there for scammers and other criminals to use.

So recently I’ve decided to have fun, and decided that you should too. Here is what you need to do

  • Step 1 Create a fake persona. – Set up a Name like Emmett Brown, a birthday like 11/5/1955 and the rest  OR you can go to  sites like to create one for you including a FAKE SSN, address and the rest.
  • Step 2 – Create a Fake Voice (I do the country hick, but you can test your acting chops)
  • Step 3 – Call them back and pretend you are the person in Step 1 and have every intention of sending in the money, and act like your scared.

Today, I got a call from  someone calming to  Kevin White calling from 914-499-8989 with Case Number RC846042 he also claimed his badge number was SM786024.  I called and wanted more information, and gave him my info.  He pretended that he was looking it up…and then came back to tell me all the scam stuff to make me think it was real. When he could not verify me, and then told me the Sheriff would be coming to give me the info.

Please share this with your friends, and let’s as the say..take a bite out of crime.

BTW, I’ve printed up my new fake ID and will be using it on any site I know is a scam.

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