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Your Network May be at Risk!

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A security vulnerability has been discovered that affects nearly all wireless networkscam devices, including home routers, smart phones, laptops, and enterprise wireless equipment. is committed to protecting your security and take this vulnerability very seriously. The Our wireless network is being reviewed and patched as quickly as possible to limit any risks associated with this vulnerability. However, you should also patch your devices as soon as the security patch is available. Our patched infrastructure cannot protect you on its own; you need to take action and stay aware as patches are released for your devices.

Please take the following steps to protect yourself:

  1. Never assume that sensitive data is protected when on a wireless network. If you enter a password, your social security number, credit card information, or any other sensitive data into a website, ensure you are visiting a secured website whose URL begins with https:// (the ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’). Never assume that emails are secure or private. You are responsible for your own data security.

  2. Check with your device manufacturer to see if a patch is available for your device. Keep in mind that nobody is safe from this vulnerability, and nearly every device will need to be patched including (but not limited to) iPhone, Android, Macbook, Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, etc. Patches may not yet be available, so check often until the patch is available.

  3. Your home network equipment is likely also affected. Ensure that you upgrade the firmware on your home wireless router as soon as the patch is available to protect your home network. Again, nearly all gear is vulnerable including (but not limited to) Linksys, Cisco, Netgear, D-Link, TP-Link, Apple Airport, wireless hotspots, etc.

  4. Keep all of your security (firewall, virus, malware…etc.) Software up today.   Pick one day each week to so some software updates.


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