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Is Pepper Spray Legal where I live?

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This is the question we are asked the most. The Short answer is YES. However, before you jump online to buy Pepper Spray from there are a few mSWPepper_Spray_Productsore things you need to know.

First know that Pepper Spray is LEGAL in all 50 states. However, possession and/or use may be regulated or prohibited by law in some jurisdictions.  If there are any questions, check with your local police. Never use Pepper Spray unless you feel you are threatened or you need to protect someone else.  Like any self -defense product it can be misused by non-law abiding elements of our society. Criminals know how effective and how mostly non-lethal pepper spray is, and have been known to use pepper spray to commit crimes.

Pepper spray, although made from common items you can get in the produce section of the grocery store, can be considered a weapon by most civilized countries, and is restricted to some extent in nearly all of them. Pepper spray causes temporary blindness, pain, breathing problems and panic: when it’s used excessively, it can kill.  It can be very lethal to people who are allergic to pepper.

In some states, you can freely purchase pepper spray, however the amount (size) is restricted, and you can be arrested or fined if your canister contains more than the legal amount. Some states regulate the allowed strength of the pepper spray: most sprays contain somewhere between 2% and 10% of capsaicin, the primary component of capsicum. Pepper sprays that also contain tear gas may be illegal in some states but not others, so that before you decide to buy a spray, you should find out what the state and local ordinances say about their possession.

According to pepper spray manufacturers, pepper spray as a Self-defense product is considered legal in all 50 states, although various state restrictions may prevent shipping to several states. Some manufacturers may ship their bear spray (a stronger pepper spray made to deter an attacking bear) to states where pepper spray can’t be shipped as a weapon. However, if someone is found to have used bear spray on a person, there are all sorts of interesting questions about its legal use (unless that person happens to be doing a highly convincing bear act). Pepper spray can’t be  sold to minors or to people who have been convicted of a felony. A few instances of state regulations follow: check with your local police force in the restrictions and permissible use of pepper spray in your area. And never take pepper spray with you when you travel by air.

Pepper Spray Not Allowed in Carry-on Bags. If traveling via plane, you cannot carry mace or pepper spray in your pocket into the cabin of the plane with you. … Most airlines will allow you to pack up to 4 ounces of pepper spray in your checked luggage (always a good idea to check with your specific airline). Self-Defense Products  simply exists to provide you a large selection of quality self-defense and life safety solutions such as pepper sprays, stun guns and other high quality self defense products, and survival kit products for home owners, business, schools. college students, and government agencies, or anyone who is seeking to defend themselves or property against potential criminal and natural threats




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