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Where to keep your Pepper Spray when hiking in the woods?

I had a customer ask  “Is it ok to carry pepper spray in my backpack when I’m hiking?bear-spray-2

My answer was something like this. Just like the advice we give to ladies about having pepper spray in their purse.  Do you really want to see someone coming at you, and then try to find your pepper spray in the bottom of your purse mixed in with your perfume, brush, lipstick, wallet and other stuff you have.  Then take the time to  pull your pepper spray  out, aim it at your attacker and use it correctly in under 5 seconds?  Do you think you could do it?  Try it!

Similarly, if you hear or encounter a wild animal on your trek thru their territory, do you really want to take the time to remove your back pack, kneel down, open your pack and then rummage through your camping/hiking gear in your backpack looking for your animal pepper spray? Again, get your pepper spray, aim it, and use it correctly in the few moments you might have?

NO!   Kneeling down will  make you look more like prey to most animals. Even bending down to pick up sticks or stones makes you look smaller. Look as tall as you can and get your bear pepper spray from your side holster out while maintaining eye contact.

Mind you most animals don’t want to attack you, but will if they are afraid or you happen to get near their young.


And PLEASE don’t say “here kity kitty

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