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How to protect your package deliveries from Porch Pirates

This year’s Christmas  Online shopping  expected to exceed  $82 billion, according to most porch-pirateindustry analysts, with upward of 121 million shoppers who planned to click “buy” on Cyber Monday alone.

That’s a lot of packages that will need delivery, and a lot of potential booty for opportunistic thieves.

Last Christmas season, home video camera caught delivery personnel mishandling packages, this year with the increase of home security cameras, the images are capturing something else …thieves labeled as “Porch Pirates

These “Porch Pirates,” as they are being called  typically tail a delivery driver and pounce on the merchandise as soon as the driver is out of sight. They also cruise subdivisions looking for possible targets.

This summer a couple in Lodi set up a home security camera to help monitor who is coming to their house. The camera did capture something interesting a porch pirates. After a few incidents of having packages stolen they couple retaliated by filling a box full of fecal matter f or the thieves.

In various subdivisions a scan of the Nextdoor social network  tells the all-too-familiar tale: A package, waiting for its recipient to come home, is snatched off the front stoop, often in broad daylight and sometimes in clear view of security cameras.

“It’s an easy target,” said one evening deliver service owner, in response to a problem one of his own neighbors experienced. “Usually there’s something of value in there, and there’s nobody watching over it.”

But consumers have plenty of options for protecting their holiday bounty and their packages all year, experts said, from requiring a signature on all deliveries to having their packages sent elsewhere for safekeeping.

What  Can you Do?

The U.S. Postal Service, which expects to deliver 600 million packages nationwide over the holidays, recommends the following:

  • ask friend or neighbor to pick up your mail if you know a package is coming that day;
  • Have packages sent to your place of employment or to a family member or friend who can accept it for you during daytime hours.
  • if possible; using services that require a signature on delivery; or even renting a P.O. box.
  • Any mail theft should be reported to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and to local police, she said. Complaints can be filed online at  US Postal Inspector Site
  • Always require a signature on delivery.
  • Provide instructions to the shipping company on where packages can be left securely and out of sight. You can opt to pick them up at the delivery company.
  • Insure all your packages.
  • Install a Security Camera to capture any illicit activities that you can then give to law enforcement if necessary. Many security companies are now offering motion activated doorbell cameras that will give a better facial image of people coming on your porch.
  • Consider installing a Ring Doorbell Camera– it allows you to not only see who comes on your porch but also allows you to talk to them.


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