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Spotting a Potential E-Mail Hack

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scamWith all the talk if Russians or other foreign entities I thought I would like to tell you how
such hacking can take place.

I received this e-mail that is suppose to be from someone I know Jerry Swindell, who stays in the United States.  But note these items.

  1. E-mail from Jerry Swindell has an e-mail from Charles Davidson.  I actually have Jerry’s E-mail and this is not his.  First Read Flag.
  2. 2) Notice that is has the usual virus hook which take the form of ‘Check This Out’, ‘See What I found out about you’, ‘Want to see something funny’  or any similar  lines
  3. The E-mail Link would make you think it’s a story about someone you know ..My friends Richard Channing.  However, there are two letters you need to notice..’ru’. My friends Jerry says in New Jersey. He has two e-mail addresses both ending in .com.

It would be fair to say that there is highly probably that this is a malicious e-mail, and YOU SHOULD NOT CLICK THE LINK…OR ELSE>

Many Cyber Security attacks can be avoided  if you just pay attention.

  1. Delete the E-mail
  2. Add Address to your junk mail filter


You have been warned….




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