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What is Stream Pepper Spray?

Stream pattern pepper spray shoots like a water gun and is best used outdoors. The stream-spray-pattern-1advantages of a stream or broken stream sprays provide are that it has great distance, generally sprays up to around 10 to 20 feet, and is least affected by environmental factors like wind or rain because it sprays with a higher force, not droplets like the fogger type sprays. Since its liquid based, it reduces the risk of the spray turning back and hitting you.

However, the downside of this type of spray is that it requires more to accurately hit your target and unlike fog or cone require more effort in large crowds. If you use pepper spray streams in an indoor setting, you may risk inhaling some of the sprays or getting splashed.With practice, stream pepper spray can be effective at hitting multiple attackers, or in tight areas, e.g., through your partially opened car window, and helps with aim. The stream provides the heaviest blast of pepper spray (cans will empty faster).

Depending on the brand and size of your stream pattern pepper spray t can cover up to 15-20 feet.  This type of spray is effective, even under windy situations because it sprays with a higher force, not droplets like the fogger type.  A stream pepper spray is less likely to blow back in your direction.

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