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Should you Carry Pepper Spray at Work?


Is it a good idea to carry pepper spray to work?Pepper-Spray-for-Security-of-Women

According to US Crime Data workplace homicide is the leading cause of death among
female workers in the US and is the second leading cause of death for men. Aside from homicides, we can’t forget about the 18,000 employees who are non-fatally assaulted every week while on the job.

Now before you decide to carry any self-defense product, you may want to check your workplace rules. There are many that don’t allow employees to carry guns to work, even if you have a carry permit.  I’ve worked at places that did not allow employees to carry pepper spray.  You may want to ask questions about what is or is not allowed. If the HR department is firm on that policy for legal reasons, you may want to ask that if something happens to you on their property, are their legally responsible especially since they won’t allow you do defend yourself.

Don’t be a victim, keep pepper spray within easy reach.



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