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Are there any problems with carrying pepper spray in my purse?

Sometimes women who keep pepper spray in their purse find themselves temporarily downloadswitching to another purse to match their shoes or other apparel, transferring just their pocketbook or wallet to the other purse, forgetting their pepper spray.
The second issue with carrying your pepper spray in your purse, is that if you see an assailant approaching, do you really think you have time to locate, grab, aim and arm your pepper spray in the time necessary to properly defend yourself? I don’t!
In addition, the first indication that you need your spray may be when an assailant is already tugging on your purse.  As a matter of fact,  according to FBI data, there are over 20,000 purse snatchings a year.
We recommend that you have your pepper spray clipped to your purse so that it’s download (1)always visible and ready to use when needed. Several models of pepper spray have built on clips that attach easily to your purse or belt, and in addition, have built on keyring clips to attach easily to your keys.





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