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Training and Practicing with your Pepper Spray

So you’ve gotten some pepper spray. Awesome!  Do you know how to use it?  Yea, it simplePepper-Spray-for-Security-of-Women just point and spray it at the bad guys.  Sounds easy?  Right.

Try this -carry your pepper spray like you normally would.  Are you going to put it in your purse? Are you going to clip it onto your purse? Are you going to have it on your key ring?   Now how quickly can you access, aim and shoot your pepper spray.  How easy was it? How much time did you take.  Have a friend try to grab you (but please don’t spray your friend).
This is very important, you will only have a few seconds.  How did you do?  Practicing Self Defense is very important. Remember all those clips of reliable Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show practicing his quick draw? While it was always funny as it would often shot before he got it out of the holster, at least he was practicing. What are you? Are you practicing, or do you just take it for granted that you’ll be able to handle it.

You should experiment and develop monthly practice drills regardless of how and where you choose to carry your pepper spray.  You may find that some places are not better than others.  For example having your pepper spray in your purse near your tissue, comb, brush lip stick and wallet is usually a bad idea. You should select to have it in a place where you can easily get access to it.

Think about different scenarios as you are walking, riding, jogging, using mass transit or just standing. Whenever you are on foot, such as walking to your car, leaving the dorm, out shopping – anytime you’re alone or isolated – you should have the spray in hand and ready to instantly use. The time you recognize the threat and bring your pepper spray into action should be less than a second.

You should create practice drills to perform every month, so that you don’t get lack or rusty, because crime never does.  When your pepper spray get about two years old, use it to test spraying your pepper spray at different targets. This can also prepare you for what it could possible smell like. recommends replacing your pepper spray every two to three years.

Many, criminals play out their crimes in their heads, you need to be prepared for their plans…with plans of your own.

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