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The Microsoft Support Phone Scam.Again!

The Microsoft Support Phone Scam

Yesterday at work my cell phone rang.  The call number was (646) 612-3456.  I answered the call, and it was from a lady who was claiming to be from Microsoft Technical Support.  The lady claimed that there was something wrong with my home computer, and that she was going to give me steps to fix it.

Now the lady at a thick foreign accent, and was obviously in a room full of other people making similar calls from the background noise.

I knew this was a scam, and told her that my computer was Commodore 64.  She apologized and hung up.

This is a very old scam, and I get about two of these every year.

Microsoft has a link on their site to help you understand and deal with this computer scam.  I


Now here are some fun things you can do

  • Repeat everything they say to you, back to them
  • Pretend to go along, but ask question, like what is a mouse, or where is the ‘E’ key.
  • If they ask of personal information, ask for their personal information, and just pretend to be one of the Simpsons.
  • Tell them you are with the Federal Task Force on Cybercrime, and agents are on their way to arrest them. They are to put their hands up, and prepare to be arrested.
  • Make up something fun to do.

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