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Dealing with Fence Jumpers

Fence jumpers are a security issue for both National Security to home owners.  Statically
hundreds of thousands of people illegally enter the United States by jumping over the security fences at the borders which can range from 21 feet high to three feet high. In the past few years a few people have jumped over the fence of the White House to get illegal entry.  A few years ago, I noticed that on several occasions my gate was open after I was sure that I had closed them. The culprit fence jumpers.

I was at an HOA meeting where a resident was complaining about miscreants jumping her fence as a short cut to another destination.  So what can you do to reduce the chances of people jumping your fence?


  • Barbed Wire… it obviously works. Think about it, the military uses it to reduce the coiled-barbed-wire-fence-13783565chance of someone from going past a certain point or entering a zone where they are not wanted. Putting up barbed wire only takes a few hours, and it’s instant security.  The only issue is…it’s ugly and perhaps not the aesthetic look you want for your home or community. There is also the issue that you HOA may not want that look in their subdivision either.  However it does mostly work.
    Since I’ve put up barbed wire, I’ve not had the issue of fence jumpers ever again.However we all know that some people are cleaver and will throw a towel across the barbed with to reduce their chances of getting stuck.
  • Shrubs – You can plant shrubs around the interior of your fence and this will eventually take care of the problem. The only issue is timing. It’s kind of difficult to images (4)find full size shrubs that will quickly stop the issue. Once the shrubs have grown they will do the trick. They will look more aesthetic than barbed wire. Shrubs also require maintenance like most plants which means watering, trimming, and all the other stuff. It may also add value to your home.  I really recommend and bushes that are not skin friendly (prickly) such as holly bushes, cactus and the like.  Not only are they ever green but HURT if you try to go through them.
  • Bushed and trees with blade type or prickly leaves – if you really want to step up the k15030600game and have the same visual/mental hurt of these plants do the trick. I really recommend and bushes that are not skin friendly (prickly) such as holly bushes, cactus and the like. Not only are they evergreen but HURT if you try to go through them, and makes a person think twice about trying to go thru them. Again, you will have to plant several of them, and it will take awhile to get the desired effect.


Again you goal to it set up a deterrent to people jumping your fence, you need to decide what look you want for your yard and neighborhood. You also need to decide how much maintenance you want to deal with.

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