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Never give a thief a chance!

The title of this article came from something my High School Marching Band teacher once instructed us in the care of our instruments. “Never give a thief a chance, don’t assume because it is in the school it’s safe.” These days in many subdivision and colleges the signs read LOCK IT OR LOOSE IT.  This is very true, as I witnessed something strange this morning. Now was it a theft…I don’t know. It could have been his bike, but lets assume it wasn’t for this story.

I was walking down the street college campus when I saw this tall  male dressed all in black. It was funny he looked and acted like a cartoon thief. . He was dressed all in black, black wool cap, black shoes, and black shades.  He spotted this unlocked bike and had the look of “I hit the jackpot”. He sat on a bench next to the bike looked around to see if anyone was looking and then jumped on the bike and took off.

Since he had that look, I took out my phone and took pictures to share with the campus police.


The campus police informed me that these crimes of opportunity come simply because citizen will not take the responsibility for doing their due diligence in taking simple precautions.

Each year at the beginning of the academic term, the many college campuses have Bike safety program where they stress the importance of registering and locking your bike. But just like adults there are some student who think they are impervious to crime. They mindset of “It won’t happen to me” is usually followed my “Dang my <fill in the blank> was stolen”.

According to one public safety officer “We had 35 stolen during the 2014-2015 academic year. I haven’t done the numbers for this year yet. About 32% were not locked at all, or improperly locked (ex- being able to slip the lock of without cutting it). Contrary to popular belief, very rarely do we see locks that are being cut. A very large majority are crimes of opportunity.”

This same is said of items stolen from unlocked vehicles, homes and cars.  A lock creates a barrier to easy opportunity, they easier you make it for the criminal, the more likely you will be part of the crime statistic.

Listed below are a few simple suggestions that can be used to discourage a thief from breaking into your vehicle, home or business:

  • Lock your doors (and windows)! If a thief is on a mission, he/she is far more likely to try his luck elsewhere if your valuables are behind a locked verses being unlocked.
  • If possible, remove all valuables from field of view; thieves will search for other vehicles that are easier targets if they do not see anything of value in your car. If you choose not to remove valuables from your vehicle, conceal them from plain view by securing them in a glove box, center console, or, even better, in the trunk. An unlocked door or a pane of glass is not a sufficient barrier.
  • Be aware of where you park your vehicle, or leave your bike. If it is during daylight hours, park it where it is constantly being seen by somebody. Don’t try to hide it because the place you may choose will be a perfect location for a break-in or theft. During the night, if possible, park in an area with a lot of light; light is an enemy of thieves.
  • If you park your vehicle at home in a garage with a door, keep the garage door closed and locked. I can’t tell you how many kids bikes are just left in the yard.
  • Be aware of anyone roaming your neighborhood that looks suspicious. Call your local law enforcement office if you suspect someone is suspicious.

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