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Would you click on this Email

Today when I opened my E-mail I found this e-mail


My Question to you is…would you respond to this email?


Why Not?

If you replied that you would not, you are wise indeed. This is a Phishing E-mail, or perhaps one that has Male-ware.  How do I know this?

  1. The E-mail that I have tied to my Apple account is not this one!
  2. If you hover of the Verify Now  or the FAQ hyper-links, you will notice that it does not take you to apple but to some site in Greenland

And there are others.

If you have read any of our phishing blogs would have easily answered this test.

Good luck navigating cyber space, and remember..there are lots of people trying to steal your information, or do your computer harm…just for kicks.


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