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Using Personal Alarms for Campus Safety

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A few years ago we partnered with Virginia Common Wealth University to provide them PersonalAlarm_4723_mwith our Streetwise Personal Alarms for their campus Safety Project.

I was browsing around the internet and found this link.

VCU police hand out safety devices to students

The Campus police departments that I have had the privilege to work with do an awesome trying to keep student safe.  Many offer various services such as RAD classes, Computer Identification days and safety seminars.  However, these efforts are useless unless the students take them to heart and practice safety and us the tools that are available to them to help protect their lives and their stuff. is one of many on-line stores that can help keep you safe during your college journey.  Check out our College Safety Line.  Mission
It is our mission to empower responsible citizen of all ages with the resources, knowledge, training and equipment imperative to their personal security and the safety of their families.  Vision
To inform, empower and equip all citizens in this nation and around the world by drastically reducing their chances of being the next crime victim.




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