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I Almost Got Scammed

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If you are a reader of this blog, you know that I write about how cleaver phishing scams are.  Well guess what I almost fell for one.  See I do have Paypal  accounts.  So I got this e-mail giving me a security warning about my account.  This is the typical ploy used my these scam artist used to use the fear factor to keep you from thinking.  So like an idiot I clicked the Click here.  No, I did hover over the  Chick Here button to see that it didn’t go to but instead went to


This will take you to this screen


This certainly looks like a PayPal login screen.  Again..if you don’t pay attention you will note the browser does not go to  DO NOT  give them your user name and password, which I almost did. You don’t know if this informatin will the stored to access your paypal account later.  If you want to have fun, make up a fake login like I did to see what happens next.  I made the password the password the first 24 characters of PI.

It will think take you to the screen meant to get enough information to STEAL YOUR INFORMATION. These people are so clever that the site looks like it is processing your information So again, having fun I use information from fictional character from TV, just to see what happens next.


To Continue…they now want Credit Card info.


OK , I think I had enough fun.

So the moral of the lesson….PAY ATTENTION and Watch out for E-mail that is meant to scam you or help take your identity.

So what happens if you happen to think you logged in, and the user has your username and password.

  • Change your password. and make it a GOOD ONE
  • If the system has second-key Authentication, USE it.
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