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Female Dorm Break in’s at Claflin University

I’ve written articles that simply state that  when you send your daughter’s off to college, often they will get an education that they didn’t sign up for.101911_2018_7CyberSecur1.png

To drive this point home on just how real this horrifying crime is several college female students  ave been terrorized by a man who broke into their college dorm room and did some lewd acts.

Several female students told a South Carolina magistrate the Claflin University campus they have been terrorized by a man who broke into their doom rooms.

Here are some examples of the reported incidents:

  • The police reports state that the suspect  broke into the Student Residential Center North where he then made his way to a female student’s room early on Thursday morning. The suspect then “did lift the bed covers off of the female victim and did masturbate while looking at her,” the report: states. The suspect fled when the victim woke up.
  • Another female student in a different room said she woke up when she felt her bed covers being removed and someone touching her.  “He came in at 3:55 (a.m.),” the female student said during Friday’s hearing. “I awoke, someone touching me, my butt. “There was a man in our room. He could have been taking pictures of my body parts.”She said she screamed when she realized what was happening. The suspect then fled, but she chased him, injuring herself on glass broken out of the doorway where the man broke in.
  • Another female student said she gradually realized someone was in her room and that someone was sneaking out. “I jumped up and locked the door,” she said.
  • A female student at the hearing left the courtroom in tears. She returned about 10 minutes later. She did not want to address the court.

“I shouldn’t have to be in danger while I am away from my family,” one female student said through tears Friday during a bond hearing for a college male arrested in connection with these incidents.

As a father, I am concerned about my my daughter safety so they know the basics.

  • ALWAYS Keep you doors locked, even when you are home
  • ALWAYS Watch your surroundings
  • If you feel funny like someone is watching you or following you, go somewhere safe.

I’ve also gotten them Pepper Spray, and showed them how to use it.


I’ve also gotten them door alarms, and other dorm security products for their dorm rooms so that while they are sleeping, if anyone tries to open their doors they will know.

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In addition to self-defense products, many college offer FREE RAD Classes. Make sure your daughters take this class, and take it often.

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