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IRS Scam Phone Call

020414_1627_BetterBusin1.jpgToday my wife called me frantic about me receiving an urgent phone message from the IRS saying they were going to sue me for back taxes. I quickly told her it was a SCAM.  The number I was suppose to call was (360) 339-5765. The reason I know was.

  1. The IRS will notify you by mail.
  2. And I don’t mean to insult anyone..but IRS Agents don’t talk in broken English
  3. The IRS does ask you to send money grams or the like to ‘settle’ your debt.
  4. I get inbound call notifications on my tablet this number came from a PAYPHONE number 718-758-974, which is in New York. The callers claim to be in Washington DC.

To prove this to my wife I did a Google Search and there are tons of video on YouTube about this Scam

Here are two videos you should watch


At the time of this writing it has been estimated by the IRS that at least 366,000 people have reported receiving a similar call, and more than 3,000 of those have been fooled by the scam, giving up a total of $15.5 million. This is of course based on the number of people who have actually reported.

“It is the largest, most pervasive impersonation scam in the history of the agency,” said Tim Camus, deputy inspector general with the Treasury Department.

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