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How to carry your pepper spray!

The type and size of pepper spray you should carry really depends on what your needs are and what you’re comfortable ps1with. Basically, you should carry the largest size that is practical and permissible for you. Most 2 ounce- sprays are about 3-inches long and about 1-inch in diameter, and small enough to clip to your purse or to your belt. If you find this model inconvenient or impractical, even with the holster, try a key-chain model pepper spray.

SW3HBK18_PepperSpray_keysThe biggest advantage of the key-chain model pepper spray is that you are not likely to forget it, and it is very easy to get to if you keep your keys in hand.  You need to be familiar with the spray patter of your key chain model as some of them have a stream pattern, and some have a cone mist.foxspray

Unless you have no other choice, do not carry your pepper spray in your pocket. Too often the spray cannot be accessed quickly enough when you need it, or you risk the chance of accidentally discharging  it in your pocket. Remember that most assault will happen within a few seconds and in a short distance. So you think you can reach in your pocket, and fish out your pepper spray, position it and spray it effectively in that brief moment?

You also risk the chance of damaging your pepper spray. How often have you left things in your pockets, and either they have gotten washed, or your hung up the garment and then forgot where you left it.

In, addition all but the smallest ½-ounce and ¾-ounce pepper sprays are too large to comfortable fit in your pocket.  As an alternative many of the larger 3-oucne and above have carrying clips.

No matter where you carry it…make sure you can get to it when you need to.

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