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The following incident is true and has probably happened around many college town.  Crime Reports also show that it will PepperSpray3happen again. This story took place near the campus of a popular college in South Carolina.  Some of the details have been altered as to protect the innocent.

Time:  9:15 PM (2115 Hours)

Suspects’ status:  At Large

Suspect Description:   Male, 5’10” tall, wearing a dark hoodie and blue jeans

Incident description:  The victim was walking to a vehicle parked in the area of Hamilton Street and Jefferson Street. The suspect struck the victim with an elbow while the victim was leaning over and then struck the victim in the face, possibly with glass. The victim fought back spraying the suspect with pepper spray. The suspect fled the scene.

Important Message:  It is important to note that the victim/survivor is never the cause of the criminal offense.  The College does not tolerate this behavior.

Here is some safety Tips:

  • Avoid confrontation with individuals you encounter.
  • If the choice is fight or flight, try flight.
  • If you can fell, do what you must to protect yourself, many colleges offer a FREE RAD Course. And of course if you must fight, be ready with Pepper Spray or a Stun Gun
  • Avoid becoming involved in incidents you observe.
  • Use well-lit- routes, avoid dark vacant areas, and those not frequented by other people.
  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Avoid distractions like talking on your cell phone.
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