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I Hate Customers Like These

Last week received a large order from a customer in Florida for a our Nap Alarms ( This in and of itself is not unusual. It is one of our popular items that we tend to get lots of bulk orders for.  We cleared the transaction even thou PayPal said it was a NO-US email.  Again, nothing really unusual. Generally scamwhen orders come in during the evening they are sent to the warehouse the next day. The database will flag this as a ‘NEW ORDER’. The warehouse usually takes 1-2 to process orders as they have lots of them to process.  during this time the order status is changed to ‘IN PROCESS’  Once the order is processed and shipped, we then update the status to ‘COMPLETE’ and the tracking info is entered into the database. This information is related to the customer on the e-mail receipt that they receive once their order is placed.  The receipt also informs the customer that they can check their order status at any time by simply typing their order number in the order tracking page that is provided to them.

Two days after the order was placed the client started bombarding me with e-mails wanting to know the status of their order. Our customer service representative kindly responded telling the client how they could track their order. In one e-mail provided their Fedex Tracking number etc. When we attempted to call the client using the phone number they provided,we found the number didn’t work.  (597 Area code..which isn’t US)

The next thing we knew they filed a complaint on paypal (on the day after they received the order), they didn’t receive their order, and we didn’t respond to their e-mail. So PayPal immediately reverse the put a hold on the payment.  While this isn’t the first time this has happened, an in the past it was just frustration of holiday mail going to Puerto Rico.  So we gathered our evidence, the string of e-mails that we received, and our responses, along with the FedEx Tracking information, including the info from their site showing proof of delivery.  Now we have to wait up to 30 days for PayPal can make a decision.

We are looking at our policies to see what changes we need to make.

We are constantly making changes to our policies to safeguard us against scams, and paypal is good, but often slow with protecting on-line sellers.

So I ask you…what would you have done differently? is also one of the leading on-line providers of a wide variety of specialty selected high quality, discount Pepper Sprays, discount Stun Guns, and other self-defense products, as well as Guardian Survival Gear. Protect yourself and family, your home, car, school, or your business with Self-Defense Products including, real and fake Security Cameras and Surveillance/Spy Gear, Alarm Systems, Hidden or Diversion Safes or other personal Protection Products. Our premium Streetwise products are one of the best on the market and many of them are made in the United Stated. Purchasing our Lab Certified Pepper Sprays or powerful Stun Guns allow you to deliver a powerful defensive “fight back” opportunity to escape imminent danger. We also sell Guardian Survival Gear to allow you and your family to hold out in an emergency or natural disaster.


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  1. As a follow up, after submitting all my documentation to PayPal, the client recanted the claim and I was finally paid for the order. This is why having a paper trail and documentation is so important. We have changed the directions in the e-mail that customers get informing them how to trace their order, as well as we revamped our customer contact page. Hopefully we won’t have any of these episodes.


    Comment by peppereyes — 05/02/2015 @ 2:35 PM

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