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Preparing to Use Your Pepper Spray

b0809-peppersprayEveryone should possess some type of means of self-defense be It pepper spray or some form of martial arts techniques. If that sounds a bit alarmist or drastic then I would urge you to watch or read the news or become aware of the crime statistics where you live. Unless you can predict your personal future and know that you will always be safe, then I urge you to take the time to arm and prepare yourself for the moment that may come when your life or personal security may be compromised.  Once of the easiest self-defense methods to master is OC defensive protection which we call pepper spray, which are very affordable and very easy to use.

There are those who feel they only need it when they are going out at night, or going for a walk or run. This is a terrible mistake!  Crime happens at almost any place and almost any time.  Crime doesn’t care about your race. Crime does not care about your gender. Crime does not care about your religion. Crime does not care how rich or poor you are. Crime does not care if it day or night. No matter who you are, where you are, what you’re doing, or when you’re doing it, you are a potential target.  You may think this is paranoid, but I’ve known of crime victims who were in a place of worship. I’ve known of crime victims who were in school, at the mall, at the gym, taking bike rides, sitting on the beach, or sitting in their homes. I know of people who have been crime victims on military bases, riding public transportation, in libraries, or in the place of work. The Department of Justice has lots of statics on all reported crime and crime events in the United Statics. You can verify what I am about to report by going to and looking at the statistics yourself.  One thing that I’m happy to report is that while crime has been going done, it largely in part because more citizen are doing their part to be safe

There are the statistics as of 7-7-2014

A violent crime occurs every 26 seconds
One murder every 35.4 minutes
One forcible rape every 6.2 minutes
One robbery every 1.5 minutes
One aggravated assault every 41.5 seconds
A property crime occurs every 3.5 seconds
One burglary every 1.5 seconds
One larceny-theft every 5.1 seconds
One motor vehicle theft every 43.7 seconds


So what are you waiting for? Having Pepper Spray is better than wishing you did have it when the time came. You should also make sure you carry it with you whenever you leave home.

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