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Ohhhh FREE money from Nigeria

The other day I received  the following  e-mail  in my e-mail box..and flaged I decided to read it.  Wow am I glad I did…and you can see why,


To. Beneficiary.


I am Special Agent David Jackson an FBI delegate that has been delegated to investigate these fraudster who are in the business of swindling Foreigners that came for transaction in Nigeria and all over the world. Please be informed that during my investigation I got to find out that there is huge sum of $10.5million that has been assigned in your name (Beneficiary.) and these fraudster are busy swindling you without any hope of receiving your fund.

 NOTE: You are not supposed to pay that huge amount from the beginning before the release of your fund, but depending on how you want the transfer made to you.We inform you that it has come to our notice and we have thoroughly Investigated with the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System and the (Interpol) that you are having an illegal Transaction with Impostors Claiming to be the Bank Governor in African, the CEO of Banks, General Manager Banks, FNB, Loto Officials, FIFA President,Chief Security Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Communications Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief IT & T Officer, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer.

We have to inform you that we have made arrest in respect of this delayed over due fund. I have a very limited time to stay in Nigeria so I advise you to respond to this mail immediately.

I shall expect your response as soon as you receive this email. Please Note that I have attached my Identification to this email. do not inform any of the people that collected money from you before now about this new development, Till we finish our assignment.

 Note that the above fund have been cleared from terrorist or fraud related activities. contact me on this email: davidjackson01000@yahoo——


Wow, what luck…a Special Agent of the FBI contacted me…so this has got to be real…right?

So what if he didn’t know my name…it’s still legit …right?

So what if this is from Nigeria, that is known for e-mail scams…it’s still legit…right?

So what if Special Agents of the FBI DO NOT do this sort of’still legit…right?

So what if these types of e-mail depend on greed for free money so that that I end up sending them things that can be used to steal my identity, or worse they just want me to pay a processing fee…it’s still 10.5 millions dollars we are talking about…it’s worth the chance…right..right.?


I wonder just how many people are ignorant or greedy enough to  fall for this new version of an old scam.  Just perhaps my spam catcher is just smart..and did indeed put this in the trash were it belonged. I just have to live without being humiliated, scammed and worried about my identity being stolen…I think I can live with that.

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