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Are you Prepared for an Earthquake?

Many Many Years ago when I was living near Radcliff KY, I was sitting in my room watching, and all of a sudden it

US Earthquake Zones

US Earthquake Zones

appeared as if the wall took a deep breath. It came toward me, and then went back. First. I thought I was having a mental event, but soon other people started making comments.  There as an Earthquake several miles away in Louisville, KY.  Several years ago while I was in Charleston the floor shook, sure enough there was an earthquake in Summervile, SC.   Some on the East coast will remember how an Earthquake in Virginia was felt along the East Coast. At the time I was on the 5th floor of a building in downtown Charleston, SC..and we had no clue what was happening.

Did you know that there’s a 100 percent chance of an earthquake today. Though millions of persons may never experience an earthquake, they are very common occurrences on our planet. So today — somewhere on the planer — an earthquake will occur. Perhaps you will be affected.

Earthquakes vary in size and magnitude. It may be so light that only sensitive measuring instruments will perceive its motion; it may be strong enough to shake houses, rattle windows, and displace small objects; or it may be sufficiently strong to cause property severe damage, death, and maybe injuries

It is estimated that about 700 shocks each year have this capability when centered in a populated area. But fortunately, most of these potentially destructive earthquakes center in underpopulated areas far from civilization.

Since a major portion of the world’s earthquakes each year center around the rim of the Pacific Ocean (Ring of Fire), referred to by seismologists as the circum-Pacific belt, this is the most probable location for today’s earthquake. But it could hit any location, because no region is entirely free of earthquakes.

Stating that an earthquake is going to occur today is not really “predicting earthquakes”. To date, the exact time, and location or magnitude cannot be predicted. But anyone, on any day, could make this statement and it would be true. This is because several million earthquakes occur annually; thereby, thousands occur each day, although most are too small to be located. The problem, however, is in pinpointing the area where a strong shock will center and when it will occur.

Earthquake prediction may some day become a reality, but only after much more is learned about earthquakes.

What do do during an Earthquake

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Get a Kit, Have a Plan

Get a Kit, Have a Plan

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