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Colleges are revising sexual violence policies

This summer it was announced that annually one in five college women are sexually assaulted, This is not news to those of 092211_1853_IveGotaBad1.jpgus who have been tracking this data for years.  Up until this year the rate was 1 in 4,which means that some things are beginning to work, but there is more to do.  

Statistically the victim is assaulted  by someone she knows, according to the same government report. Most of those incidents happen during the student’s freshman or sophomore year, and many of the cases go unreported. A campus sexual assault study by the Department of Justice found that about 6 percent of victims of such assaults or attempted assaults are male, but the overwhelming majority of victims are female. 

College Campuses seem to have heard this message loud and clean and many of them are revising their policies in an attempt to reduce these statistics even further.

It is quite possible that many college will follow suit to strengthen their policies that will no doubt reduce some incidents of sexual assault. However, these policies will not complete stop the crime. Think about this, how long has the law against murder been in existence. Almost every branch of the civilized world has different laws meant to reduce murder, yet in the United States alone one homicide is committed every six minutes. It is still our core belief that the person who has the greatest responsibility for your personal safety is YOU.  This month is National Campus Safety Awareness Month where colleges are attempting to educate their students about the resources and tools available to keep them safe. Many campuses give out free whistles to females. Many campuses are educating their students on responsible drinking, and much more.  

I really do applaud these school for tackling the issue in the best way available to them today, but ultimately your safety is primarily your responsibility. Equip yourself with the tool and knowledge to help reduce your chances of being part of your college crime statistics


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