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Don’t Consult The Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu


download (1)I’ve written about Krav Maga (contact combat) form of Self Defense in a previous post.  Krav Maga has released an android app so that users can watch video tutorials to learn self-defense techniques based on military grade jiu-jitsu.  Krav Maga  is a martial art and self-defense system developed for the Israeli military that consists of a wide combination of techniques incorporated from boxing, savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling, along with realistic fight training. This Military grade system is created to work in real life situations, unlike MMA, UFC, Mixed Martial Arts, which is entertaining to watch but will get you killed in a street fight.  Krav Maga teaches techniques that work where there are no rules and your attackers never play fair – on the real streets


While Krav Maga is an excellent martial art style and will serve you well in defending yourself, I usually find that to truly learn a Martial Art, you need to be under the instruction of a instructor, and do actual practice.


If you remember the classic cartoon Hong Kong Phoney, the hero always consulted his trusty Hong Kong book of Kung Fu before making a move, this is what came into my mind when I heard about this. If you have never seen the cartoon I’m sure there are a few episodes on YouTube




If you remember in the movie the Karate Kid, Daniel tried using a karate book to learn karate moves, which didn’t quite work out.




In the classic Andy Griffith Show, Deputy Barney Fife used a book to study Judo moves. In one scene, he tried to show Andy a few moves and stopped in mid demo to consult the judo book.


Today you can find all kinds of book, and YouTube video, DVDs and not mobile apps that attempt to teach martial arts moves.


While I do advocate having many tools at your disposal including carrying a self-defense product like pepper spray and knowing some basic martial art self-defense strategies. I don’t think you can truly master martial arts from watching a video even if it is in your phone, or on your computer screen.  I’ve taken karate for years and know from experience that if you don’t shape your foot correctly doing kicks, you can injury your foot, and the same come with punches.  The most important benefit from actually taking a class is the repetitive nature of the drills, so that you can perform the moves without thinking about them. Unless you have lots of discipline to repeat the moves you watch, they really want do you much good, other than perhaps push you to take a class.  It is not going to benefit you to get into a situation and reach for your smart phone to see what move to make.



I would ask that you Take a look at the app an explore the Krav Maga style, and if you are serious about learning it, enroll in a good class.
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