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5 Ways Technology Helps Prevent Crime

101912_1502_Protectingy1.jpgSurveillance Technology Advances

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the value of video surveillance technology cannot be overstated. Positive identifications made using recorded footage are at the heart of many investigations, supporting higher conviction rates when visual evidence is present. Video surveillance cameras are a consistent feature of public life, overseeing buildings, streets, businesses, and even neighborhoods. Modern cameras are smaller and less obtrusive than older versions, so they are deployed in places once inaccessible. Digital technology has made images captured by surveillance cameras clearer, adding to the value of well-executed surveillance systems. Video is increasingly used by municipalities to monitor traffic and crowds, which yields futuristic results when paired with face recognition technology. Picking a face out of a crowd is a realistic expectation using modern systems, which enhance crime prevention efforts.

Personal Protection Devices

Stopping crimes as they occur requires more than passive policing and advanced forensic capabilities. Personal protection technology enhances safety, and deters crime by altering the playing field for criminals. Stun guns, pepper spray and other personal defense tools are more widespread than ever before, thanks to technology increasing their effectiveness and reliability. Portable protection shuts down crimes in progress and thwarts future attempts. Technology increases ease of use, with today’s compact pepper spray canisters in simple unobtrusive versions that conceal readily and furnish reliable service.

Digital Crime Prevention Tactics

Strong-arm robbery is one thing, but criminals increasingly engage in electronic misdeeds that require more than personal protection devices to foil. Analyzing electronic footprints left by cyber criminals and others using modern technology to execute offenses is an expanding field, which stays on the cutting-edge of advances made by data thieves and other tech-savvy criminals.

E-Reporting From the Field

The period of time immediately following a crime is the most crucial span for investigators tracking suspects. As a result, the faster information about a crime is assembled and spread among law enforcement personnel, the higher the chance of catching an offender. Technology allows officers to enter reports from remote laptops, immediately following interviews and other investigative procedures. Once submitted, the information is quickly taken-in by analysts who determine how resources are used most efficiently in each case. The real-time data can even be used to map trends and other big-picture information useful for preventing crimes.

Social Media and Mobile Apps

The proliferation of mobile devices actually leads to higher numbers of snatch-and-grab robberies targeting the easy to steal devices, but the technology also helps law enforcement solve and prevent crimes. Mobile apps, for instance, enable officers to engage remotely and take important tasks on the road. Jobs once done at the office are completed in the field, allowing law enforcement to spend more time patrolling and investigating. Monitoring social media helps law enforcement track suspects’ movements and locations, furnishing a trail of evidence as criminals turn to the channels to share. Social media also helps bring down online predators and bullies, who are not protected by anonymity.

Technology inspires and assists criminals, but it is also used by law enforcement and justice officials to prevent crime. Mobile technology, for example, increases efficiency and links officers to on-the-spot resources like crime databases and offender registries. Personal defense devices and video surveillance technology furnish additional crime detection and prevention tools, which are used as part of a comprehensive strategy.


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