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Dealing with the HeartBleed bug


What you need to know about the HeartBleed bug (click here)

A newly discovered bug in widely used Web encryption technology has made data on many of the world’s major websites vulnerable to theft by hackers in what experts say is one of the most serious security flaws uncovered in recent years.

The finding of the so-called “Heartbleed” vulnerability, by researchers with Google Inc and a small security firm Codenomicon, prompted the U.S. government’s Department of Homeland Security to advise businesses on Tuesday to review their servers to see if they were using vulnerable versions a type of software known as OpenSSL.

This article may be a bit Technical for the masses…needless to say that on May first, or as soon as you know your banking, email, social Media…etc as soon as you are alerted that that server has been fixed.

Here is a link for a Heartbleet checker

Here is a list that contains servers that HAVE BEEN Fixed…so please change your password on those

How to create a good Password



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