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The Verizon 54 Scam

The Verizon 54 Scam (<-Click Here)020414_1627_BetterBusin1.jpg

A new phishing scams looking to scam Verizon wireless customers out of their hard-earned money is now gaining notoriety. The new scam, baits Verizon customers by offering “a special reward” of $54 to subscribers who visit a new website set up for the promotion.

According to the report, the phishing scam starts out with a phone call that appears on caller ID as “Technical Support 1-800-922-0204,” which just so happens to be the actual number for Verizon Wireless’ customer support line. The call plays a recording that asks Verizon subscribers to visit in order to claim a $54

Remember many Phishing Scams feed on your greed, others on fear.

Rule 1…Suspect anyone.

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