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Don’t Open that’s E-mail about a Funeral


Another one to warn my readers about. The cyber crooks do not hesitate to exploit the most basic fears of people; the sudden death of a friend or relative. The e-mail message claims to be from a funeral home and notifies the recipient about an upcoming funeral and instructs them to click a link to view their invitation and more details about the ceremony.  (HINT: even then this is the 21st Century..most funeral homes don’t send out e-mail notices)

Of course the email is a phishing scam and clicking on the link opens a compromised website that tries to download Trojan malware to the workstation and makes it a zombie connected to a botnet. Here is a picture how this scam looks:


Alternative versions name different funeral homes. Subject lines, formatting, and other details may vary. But, all versions contain links to compromised websites that contains malware.

Those who do fall for the trick and click the link will reach a website that may offer a .zip download. If downloaded and unzipped, the file will reveal a malicious .exe file. When opened, this exe file can install malware on the user’s computer and connect to the infamous Asprox botnet. It may also download and install other malware components. This is the same approach of how people those links on Facebook that ask you to install software to see a video about you.

This campaign is also similar to another recent spate of malware emails that discuiguised as wedding invitations. Again, links in the emails open compromised sites that contained malware.


  • If you receive one of these fake funeral notification emails, do not click any links or open any attachments that it may contain. DELETE IT.
  • If you receive anything that requires you to install software…DELETE IT.


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