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Beware the Phone Survey Scams

The Following is True…the names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Yesterday I was talk to my elderly friend Bill and he told me that an interesting thing had happened to him that day. The caller claimed to be doing a T-Mobile survey, and once the survey was completed he would get a 10% discount on his next bill.  The caller asked Bill to verify the last four digits of his social security number. Bill thought this was normal, after all don’t most companies only ask for your last four digits. [HINT this is an access key].  The caller went on to ask Bill all kinds of normal questions about how T-Mobile was doing as his server provider.  The Caller also said that T-Mobile had another promotion during their customers birthday month. All he needed to is provide his birthday. Bill felt funny about this and declined the offer. The call ended. Later that day Bill got a message on his phone saying it was being upgraded.  After the software upgrade, his phone stopped working.  He had to use his landline to call T-Mobile to see what was going on. After some investigating T-Mobile told him the information on his SIMM Card and been changed, and that the information from his SIMM Card had been switched to another phone, and that there were now international calls being made.  Needless to say, it wasn’t Bill.

Bill and I both agreed that with all the intelligence these hackers have, that It’s ashamed they don’t pursue positive endeavors, perhaps they could solve many of the world’s problems.

The way most scams work is that they are offering you something like a bargain. However, DON’T give any of your personal information over the phone unless YOU CALL the company for customer service. These include, your last four of your social, or other information.  One thing that I’ve suggested that when filling out those personal password reset question don’t give obvious answers. One person I know puts their favorite fruit for all answers. The questions you know are like model of first car, mother’s maiden name, best friend first name.  Unfortunately, many records are public so that you can get some information on person history, like parent’s info or the like. Also people provide way to much information on social media.  So it’s not hard for dedicated identity thieves to troll your social information and get many of these answers. So why not put fun answers that you can remember. I mean would they ever think you put Pineapple as your mother’s maiden name.

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