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Cynthia S. Hays Check Scam Alert

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040513_0112_BewareofDel1.jpgOver the weekend a friend of mine received a Cashier Check from Cynthia S. Hayes for the amount of $2750.00. I was asked to check it out. There was nothing in the envelope except the check. The Address on the envelope was from Eagle Tool Co in Kingford MI 49802. The FAKE check is drawn from The South Georgia Banking Company.

This is a total scam. I called the Eagle Tool Company and they said as of that day that have received several phone calls and they have no idea where this is coming from.

We are alerting our readers so that they do not attempt to cash the check, only to become liable for the funds later.

Before you deposit any cashier’s checks in your bank account, there is an easy way to protect yourself:

Ask the bank teller to CALL IN THE ROUTING NUMBERS on that check. It is quick and easy task. There is a national registry of bank phone numbers, so that you can find out if it is a real check. If you simply deposit the check, the bank will not question it’s validity, and it will take days or weeks to discover it was fake check, and you will be responsible for all the bank charges incurred, and overdrafts if you started spending it.

With the advent of home computers, and fancy printers criminals are printing out fake cashier’s checks from their home printers and sending them out as fast as they are printed to as many sellers as they can . If we help educate everyone to simply check routing numbers, the crooks will spend all their money on mailing fees. because this scam is usually mailed from overseas, and they will go broke. The letter we got was sent express mail.

Here are a few other tell tale sign of a fake check

  1. Look at the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) numbers that are located at the bottom of every cashier’s check. They should be clearly printed, uniform in size and print, and not be crooked or smeared if the check is for real.
  2. Real cashier’s checks have a microprint signature line and there is no text of any kind underneath that line.
  3. A legitimate cashier’s check has a microprint border around its four edges. It also has a watermark printed on the back. But, a scammer can easily print that on their homemade checks too.
  4. Find the name of the financial institution (internet search) and their phone number on the check, (whether it’s your bank or not.) Call the number and ask to speak to a customer service representative. Tell him or her that you need to verify the validity of the check. The bank will be able to tell you if the cashier’s check is actually from their financial institution, as they would have a record of it. They can also tell you how much the check was made out for, and the name of the person it was issued to.

You have two options to

  1. Shred the check
  2. Report it as MAIL FRAUD (Default)

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