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Use Pepper Spray Like a PRO

PepperSpray3LINK: Use Pepper Spray Like a PRO

This is a follow-up story to a link we published a few days ago.  Check it out.

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The Tips Given in the Article are

1-Be sure you are aiming the pepper spray canister in the right direction, not toward yourself
2-Make sure the pepper spray is handy, not buried in your purse
3-Ensure you are downwind of the spray and not spraying ‘against the wind’ to avoid spray-back.
4-Hold the pepper spray properly, with your index finger on the trigger – NOT your thumb – that way you have a good grip and cannot be disarmed
5-When you spray pepper spray – do it in a pattern – from ear-to-ear and eyebrows down.
6-After you spray, don’t stick around to see what happens. Get away as fast as you can.

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